Selected Press

Recreating the Past in Our Own Image: Contemporary Artists’ Reactions to the Digitization of Threatened Cultural Heritage Sites in the Middle East
Future Anterior. Elizabeth Thompson.

‘If They Knock It Down We Will Rebuild It’: Palmyra Redux
Pacific Standard Magazine. Jacob Mikanowski.

Framing Destruction and Creation. The Visual Debate Between ISIS, Western Media, and Artist Ryan Woodring
Reed College. Isabella Weiss.

Oregon Virtual Reality Incubator Takes Artists into New Worlds
Oregon Public Broadcasting. Aaron Scott.

10 Picks from Portland2016.
Interview Magazine. Alina Cohen.

Portland2016: Disjecta Goes Gigantic.
Oregon Arts Watch. Matt Stengel.

Ghost Prints- A Joint Conversation About Destroyed Objects with Morehshin Allahyari and Ryan Woodring
Redefine Magazine. Introduction by Vivian Hua.

What’s the Value of Recreating the Palmyra Arch with Digital Technology
Hyperallergic. Article by Claire Voon.

Radio Studio Visit.
KFFP-LP 90.3 Freeform PDX. Abigail Susik.

Looking for a Reaction(ary)
Oregon Arts Watch. Review by Patrick Collier.

In the Studio with Ryan Woodring
Duplex Collective Blog. Interview by Jessica Breedlove Latham

Slaughtered exotic animals are memorialized in Ryan Woodring: (Re)Released, at The College Inn Project.
City Paper, Pittsburgh. Article by Robert Raczka

(Re)Released Review
Treading Art. Article by Christine Smith and Melissa LuVisi

Lets Talk About Art: YouTube-inspired Art.
Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Article by Jessica Futrell

10 Solo Exhibitions: From Love and Loss to Rebirth.
Pittsburgh Tribune. Article by Kurt Shaw

Solo Shows at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts Packed With Depth
Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Article by Mary Thomas