Balloon Animals and Master, Niko Chocheli

While continuing with my other two series, I have also been painting (oil on panel) portraits representing each of the 49 animals who were killed in Zanesville, Ohio last year after being released from their enclosures by their suicidal owner (  I am scanning these and printing each portrait on a large balloon that I will re-release in the town of Zanesville.  This project will involve painting, balloons, community engagement, and large scale photography.  Look out for more details in September.  Here’s one of the bengal tigers who was left to roam aimlessly amongst the suburban streets of Zanesville on a cold, rainy, night that would be its last.

The most influential figure in my early art career is Niko Chocheli, whom I apprenticed for five years in my hometown of Doylestown, Pennsylvania.   Originally from the Republic of Georgia, Niko  now works as an illustrator,  muralist, icon painter, artist, and teacher.  He is a true joy to spend time with and learn from and a treasure for the Philadelphia art community.   Here are a couple of his illustrations showcasing his beautiful renderings of the wild, surreal, and religious.

more from his most recent book:

Thanks.  Talk Soon.

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